MFi Fundraising Tools

Medfield organizations with fundraising goals aligned with the MFi mission are invited to apply for use of our non-profit status by formalizing a partnership as a “Medfield Foundation initiative”.

Medfield Foundation Inc.
Medfield Town House
459 Main Street
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Community Giving & Fundraising Tools


Through the Medfield Foundation, donors can target their contribution to any Medfield nonprofit that they want to support. Active initiatives are organized by category: Arts & Culture, Youth & Recreation, Landmark Preservation, and Community Support.

To become an official MFi Initiative, Medfield community organizations must apply following the steps provided below.

Be an MFi Initative!


Stringent state and federal regulations governing fundraising require accurate bookkeeping and accounting procedures and a cumbersome process to achieve 501(c)(3) non-profit status. MFi makes fundraising easier, by partnering with community organizations and creating initiatives supported by MFi’s non-profit certification.


Does your organization’s goals fit within the MFi mission of enriching the community? Consider applying to become an MFi Initiative and enjoy the benefits of 501(c)(3) fundraising.


Here’s how to apply:


1. Contact MFi to review your initiative.


2. If it meets the established criteria, we will invite you to attend an MFi board meeting to present your initiative.


3. The Board will vote on whether to accept the project


4. If approved, you will be required to sign a Letter of Agreement agreeing to our Standard Operating Procedures.


5. Once established as an “MFi Initiative” you can channel your donations through MFi and we will take care of all the accounting and 501(c)(3) compliance.


6. An MFi board member will review logistics on how deposits are made, tax receipts processed and protocols for making expenditures related to your project.


7. Donors who want to support your project or group can donate directly to MFi and allocate their contributions to your cause and get a tax deduction to the extent allowable by law.


8. There is a 1% annual service fee applied to all donations which is used to cover MFi administrative costs.


9. We offer complete transparency of your initiative’s bookkeeping.


Donations to MFi may be tax-deductible. Consult your tax professional.