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Medfield organizations with fundraising goals aligned with the MFi mission are invited to apply for use of our non-profit status by formalizing a partnership as a “Medfield Foundation initiative”.

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The Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund

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Introducing the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund


As our town continues to grow and evolve, The Medfield Foundation, Inc. is seeking ways to build on the robust history and spirit of generous giving that has long defined our community. Our goal is to empower donors who want to make a difference in our town now and in the future.


To that end, we have established the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund. The Legacy Fund is an endowment established for the long-term benefit of the Medfield community which will also engage in annual grant-making to support community-driven projects. To help ensure the success of the Legacy Fund, it was created in partnership with the Foundation for MetroWest, our region’s leading community and philanthropic support organization and a catalyst for very successful “town fund” efforts in other communities such as Lexington, Southborough and Wellesley.


The Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund will provide support for projects that contribute to a strong and vibrant community as well as represent the diverse needs and voices in our town. As a community foundation, we have the ability to support projects proposed by or in partnership with 501(c)(3) nonprofits as well as town agencies. The Legacy Fund will not be a substitute for public support of the town’s operating and capital budgets or seek to replace other well-established fundraising efforts in town. Rather, the Legacy Fund will use its grant-making process to support new initiatives and programs that ensure that Medfield remains a town of unique character and value.


Some ways that we envision the Legacy Fund can support the community include but are not limited to:


  • Fostering a strong sense of community among all residents
  • Extending the rich cultural offerings of our town to every resident
  • Keeping our youth engaged within the community
  • Ensuring that our senior citizens remain active in town life
  • Encouraging generosity, tolerance and an appreciation of diversity
  • Preserving and enhancing our natural resources
  • Maintaining the character of the community
  • Improving access to needed resources and services
  • Anticipating and addressing unforeseen major issues facing our town in the future


By making a contribution to the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund, you are helping to build an endowment that strengthens the community while creating pride of place among residents today and for years to come.


How can I make a contribution? You may donate by check, credit card, stock, mutual fund or real estate gift, or through a donor-advised fund or private foundation. The Foundation for MetroWest staff can work with you and your financial advisor to review various planned giving options. Gifts may qualify for charitable donation tax benefits. Consult your tax advisor.


Give For Lasting Impact


How Does The Legacy Fund Work?


The Legacy Fund is guided by its Community Board, a committee of donors with passion for the mission and vision of the Legacy Fund. Community Board members meet regularly to further the efforts of the Legacy Fund including Fund development, donor outreach, and community events. The Community Board also reviews all applications for Legacy Fund grants. Applications are welcome from any private or public organization with ideas for innovative programs and projects to benefit Medfield residents. All applications will be reviewed fairly and competitively and all grant recipients will be publicly acknowledged by the Medfield Foundation.


Get Involved – Join the Legacy Fund Community Board


Would you like to help raise funds to benefit the Medfield community. The Legacy Fund Community Board is always looking for individuals interested in getting involved to help make a difference. Whether you can offer an hour or two or you’d like to become a Community Board member, we need your help. For more information on getting involved, please contact us  and someone will get in touch with you.

Donate to the MFi Legacy Fund

Looking to make a high-impact donation that will truly support Medfield over the long run? Become a Founding Member today!

What does it mean to be an endowed fund?


As an endowed fund, the principal will remain as a permanent asset for Medfield’s benefit now and into the future. Each year, spending, including grant-making, will be limited to a fixed percentage of the fund, leaving the rest to continue to build for years to come. Distributions keep pace with new and emerging needs, and will be targeted to address social, cultural, environmental and educational needs in Medfield. The endowment is professionally invested by the Foundation for MetroWest.


What is the Foundation for MetroWest?


The Foundation for MetroWest connects philanthropic opportunity with demonstrated need in MetroWest. The Foundation promotes philanthropy in the region, helps donors maximize the impact of their local giving, serves as a resource for local nonprofit organizations, and enhances the quality of life for all of our area citizens. Since 1995, the Foundation has invested in the people and charitable causes of MetroWest and distributed over $10 million in grants to the community. For more information, please visit online at

Still have questions?


For more information about the MFi Legacy Fund, please contact Todd Trehubenko or Chris Cahill, Legacy Fund Community Board Co-Chairs, at or you can download the donation form to make your contribution.